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  • About us...
    EUopen name is in fact European Union Open. As the name points we are focused on B2B processes in the area of Europe. Starting from Kazakhstan, Russian Tatarstan, through Poland to Ireland and United Kingdom. We also have achievements in intercontinental exchange of goods and services. Our exeptional area of interests is francophone part of North Africa.
    Our actions, and so actions of our cooperants and partners are focused on innovative techniques, pioneer and creative way of of delivering high class products and services to our present and future clients.
    We are making researches in the area of B2B. We are taking part of many initiatives, which help us to develop in preferred directions. Our services are complex. We are focusing our efforts on unique products, modern and matched with business models of our clients.
    The direction we are going was chosen and supported by many years of experience, professionalism of the team and also determination and effectiveness in making business and chosing cooperants in Poland and aboroad.
    We are implementing "partnership strategy" in many countries, to accelerate the development, improve the logistics, introduce the innovations and constantly strenghten the possibilities of organising and cooperating with our partners in whole Europe.
    We are still looking for opportunities of developement for our techniques, technology and products. We are focusing on our partners development in the area of gaining products to our clients and distribution on European market through mass trade, wholesale and retail.

Main projects ...

Amazing technology of the 21st century!

RPR Technologies -Induction disbonding system.
The ultimate solution for coatings removal on steel.
Easily removes: rubber, resin, epoxy paints, bitumen, caoutchouc, concrete, azbestos etc.
EFFICIENCY of disbonding from 40 to 70 m2 per hour.

Our company EUopen provides sale, rental, training, service and full technical support for RPR Technology.
Over 20 years of experience in coatings removal and preparing surfaces.

Under the label GO TO GLOBAL BUSINESS! we have initiated few thematic Global Portals:

We build Your presence on the global market !

Global Authorization Portal ( Authorization of companies and offers, escrow payments, transaction warranty)

-The base of worldwide trustworthy offers and users.
-Confirmation of credibility: yours and your future, potential business partners.
-Verification of the offers. Authenticity and completeness of the information.
-Building the trust of your contractors towards your company and products.
-Rise of competitive advantage and prestige of verified and authorised information, highlighting and positioning them towards to the background of other enterprisers and offers.
-Elimination of the risk in case of carrying distance transactions.

Portal of Global Marketing ( Geolocations and Presentation of the company, offers, authorization comapny, product, offers, advertising campaigns, events, comments, opinions, etc. )

.: The base of worldwide trustworthy offers and users.
.: Confirmation of credibility: yours and your future, potential business partners.
.: Verification of the offers. Authenticity and completeness of the information.
.: Building the trust of your contractors towards your company and products.
.: Rise of competitive advantage and prestige of verified and authorised information, highlighting and positioning them towards to the background of other enterprisers and offers.
.: Elimination of the risk in case of carrying distance transactions.

Glob Agency IT Services ( Servicing the EUopen Platform, complex implementation of E-Commerce and IT environment )

-Creating,sharing and integrating tools for managing global e-trade. Support in realisation and adaptation individual business models for companies
-Complex implementation of integrated e-commerce and services for global B2B and B2C e-trade. Support related to graphics, language adaptation, identification and promotion of companies. Presentation and authorisation of the offered products.

We provide following services for IT:
.: Graphic studio -Company identification, - Product presentation, - Graphic design for websites, - Advertising materials
.: E-Commerce on Magento engine for B2B ( wholesale ) global, local
.: IntegrationsE-commerce Magento with auctions, ERP, shipings, payments, stock etc.
.: Software - SAP Business One, - Integrations for SAP Business One, - Dedicated software
.: Hosting -SAP B1, - SAP Hana Cloud, - Azure Cloud, - Magento Cloud, - Migrations to Cloud
.: Service Starting the equipment, servers, optical fibres, servicing the equipment, after-sale care.
.: Marketing Advertsing campaigns, advertisements - individual, global and local, SEO, data bases
.: Financing - Leasing, - Credits for companies and individuals - EU grants ( applications and service)

Global Portal for Partners (In progress) ( Platform Channels Management, global managing and processing buy-sale transactions)

-For EUopen’s business Partners and owners of GOLD Package who are using Multichannel Trading Platform as a tool of running their business.
-Managing modules integrated to the Platform: messages, tasks, orders, calendar, reports, projects, news, statistics, business tools, advertising campaigns…
-Integration and management of the services e.g: (Amazon, E-bay, others…), ERP systems, accounting and stock software, already used by partner.

Below you can find the presentation of basic functionalities of EUopen Global Multichannel Trading Platform. (PDF - click the scheme and download):

Do you want to go global ? ... join us !

Presentation: EUopen Global Trading Platform

We are planning to start-up another Global Theme Portals, for example:
Technical and technological Portal

.: RPR Technology - Inductive system of coating removal from carbon steel surfaces.
.: Garnet System - Industrial cleaning and surface preparation(alternative to sandblasting).
.: Sponge-Jet - Dust-free surface cleaning (alternative to sandblasting),
.: Photovoltaics - turning solar energy to electricity
.: Pyrolisis - Recycling. Waste turns into thermal energy, warm water and steam
.: Rolfon - Patented technology of radical noise reduction in sports facilities, schools, halls, concert halls and others.

Agro-Eco-Industrial Portal

.: Fertilisers and components for agriculture and gardening for individual recipients
.: Yields and components - Intercontinental goods exchange
.: Livestock feed and components - agro-waste recycled to feed
.: Implementation and popularization of the newest technologies and eco-products.

We are always available ...
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Corporate data

Residence of the Company:
EUopen Sp. z o.o.
Polska / Gdańsk 80-208 

St. Elizy Orzeszkowej 2.

NIP: PL 9571064009
Regon: 221610440
KRS: 0000 410907
Capital Company: 500 000,00 ZŁ PLN

Tel: +48 583 406 400
Fax: +48 583 406 401
Skype: euopen

Bank Zachodni WBK

PLN: PL 81 1090 1098 0000 0001 1950 7452;
EUR: PL 80 1090 1098 0000 0001 2180 2199;
USD: PL 19 1090 1098 0000 0001 2180 3879;

 Jolanta Raulin

.: We invite you to cooperate :.

Building plots by the sea.
FOR SALE - Without brokers !

We are able to cooperate with global or national real estate agents with well known reputability. Preparation and translation of agreed contents and forms, agency agreements, brokerage. In special cases we do not rule out the option of exclusivity agreement or constant cooperation in selling ours and assigned to us, properties.

    Local attractions and facilities:
  • Perfect view on the sea, beach and Bay of Gdańsk, Hel's Peninsula, Jastarnia, Chałupy.
  • Surrounded by the beach and forests. Mechelińskie Łąki - nature reserve - just behind the fence, first line of the buildings should start from the sea side - no changing options.
  • Winsurfing and kitesurfing courses in nearby Rewa. Perfect conditions for sailing!
  • Medias: Electricity, Gas, Sewage System adjoined to the plots.
  • Bus services : Gdynia, Airport, Schools, Ambulatories, Shopping Centres
  • Total area of the plots: 19 097 m2, Minumum sale of the building plot: 1 200m2

Detailed options to be discussed with directly interested sides or their representatives. We are expecting and considering only serious offers. We do not answer to any annonymous persons.
We are paying commission for successful mediations.