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Amazing technology of the 21st century!

RPR Technologies -Induction disbonding system.
The ultimate solution for coatings removal on steel.
Easily removes: rubber, resin, epoxy paints, bitumen, caoutchouc, concrete, azbestos etc.
EFFICIENCY of disbonding from 40 to 70 m2 per hour.

Our company EUopen provides sale, rental, training, service and full technical support for RPR Technology.
Over 20 years of experience in coatings removal and preparing surfaces.

RPR Technology Principle of operation

Schemat działania

Diagram of induction

Urządzenie RPR

Basic informations about o RPR Technology

Basic principle of RPR system operation (magnetic induction)

The induction disbonder works by the principle of induction. Heat is generated in the steel substrate and the bonding is broken. The coating is then removed entirely without disintegrating and completely free from contaminating agents, i.e. blast media. This obviously makes disposal and recycling of waste easier and cheaper. Even inside the pittings and cracks in the surface the coating is disbonded.

Patented RPR Technology used worldwide

Since the beginning in 2002 till now, RPR Technology was applied on each continents. Provides saving of time and lowers costs. Simultaneously is friendly to environment and operator's health. RPR gained the trust of worldwide well known companies and organistations i.e. Statoil, Shell, SAAb, BP, Conoco Philips, US Navy and many more.

Wide range of industrial usage

RPR machines is suitable for cleaning surfaces in different conditions and places. I.e. pipelines, decks and bodies of ships, steel constructions, storage tanks. Wide range of available equipment helps to adjust the machine to performed works.

Why it is worth to use RPR ?

- it is economic
- it is fast
- it is safe
- it is silent
- it is clean
- it is efficient
- it is environmentally friendly
- it is reliable & durable

Video Galery RPR Technology

Tank lining removal

Remove coating and paint fast and clean with induction thechnology. Harmless for operators and nature.
Protect the environment!

Removal of Belzona 1391 Hard Ceramic Coating

Kuurman removes Belzona 1391 hard ceramic coating average thickness 20-30 mm (800 – 1200 mils) within seconds. The coating is hard to remove with current treatments and cost a lot a energie and money. Kuurman knows a way to remove this difficult and thick coating.

Coating Removal on a Crude Oil Storage Tank.

Quick removal of difficult and thick coating GRE with induction heat from the induction disbonder of RPR Technolgies
We are protecting the environment !

Stripping Exterior and Interior Rubber Lining off Railroad Tank Wagon

4 mm rubber is removed from this railroad tank wagon at high speed.
We are protecting the environment !

Coating removal from a ship at shipyard

Very hard antiskid deck coating on the deck of aircraft carrier is easily removed with RPR equipment.
We are protecting the environment !

Coatings removal, Clean and Easy with RPR Technologies.

Now showing the cleanest and fastest way to remove paint from steel surfaces. No dust, no noise!

Minidisbonder, Paint and Coatings Removal with Induction Technology

Our newest ligth weight induction tool to easily remove coated steel strucures.

RPR Induction Disbonder Removing Coating Very Fast on Steel Construction

Two operators working at good pace removing thick old coating from steel construction using our novel induction technology.
We are protecting the environment !

Stripping century Old Paint on the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Trial to test the feasability of using the RPR Induction Disbonder when refurbishing the Eiffel Tower.

RPR Induction for Coatings Removal, Buildings

The RPR Induction machine is specially designed to cleanly, safely and quickly remove thick and difficult coatings from steel surfaces.
We are protecting the environment !


RPR Technology - Our Services

Sales and Service
Supply of services
Rent the equipment
Trainings and technical support

.: Sale of devices, equipment, additional utensils and spare parts
.: Current, after-sale and post-warranty services.

.: We are providing surface cleaning services by RPR devices.
.: We have in our offer also complementary services for surface preparation with defined profile, and further painting.

.:We are providing the rental services of RPR devices and necessary accessories for cleaning surfaces.
.:Show us the draft of requirements for the works you need to do. We will give you advices about using the equipment and talk over the current price lists. /p>

.: Trainings. Because of the uniqueness and innovation, it is required to pass the specialistic training for operators, before starting to work with RPR devices.
.: When you are avout to rent the equipment, you can also take advantage and gain advice from our specialists on practical use of RPR.


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Dust-free stream cleaning !

- SpongeJet is innovative method of cleaning surfaces with reusable abradant. Clean, dry, low-dust, friendly to environment and user.
SpongeJet technology eliminates up to 99,9% of dust which is unavoidable while using other classic methods.
The system allows you to profile the surface from 0 to 100 µm.
To keep the durability of applied coatings, the key is surface preparation, including desirable asperity or profile.
By chosing adequate abradant with Sponge Jet system you are able to obtain the wanted profile. The heart of Sponge Jet is abradant as sponge.
The patented technology combines the subtelness of the sponge and the power of cleaning and cutting of classic abradant. Over 20 years od experience in the area of coatings removal and preparing surfaces.

Sponge-Jet A method for Action on the surface

A method for Action on the surface of traditionally (sandblasting)

Sponge-Jet Diagram of the system

Schemat działania

Basic data for Sponge-Jet

What is SpongeJet ?

SpongeJet is a machine for abrasive-blasting cleaning surfaces. By using innovative abradant - SpongeJet Media provides fast, selective or comprehensive coatings removal.

Comparison to the traditional methods

In opposition to traditional methods, using Sponge Jet:
.: DOES NOT cause the contamination with dust, which can be harmful to the operator and environment
.: Reduces the ammount of waste to be utilised to absolutely minimum - 95% of SpongeJet Media abradant can be used again
.: NO NEED of downtimes of works in the nearest area
.: ALLOWES you to precisely clean and profile the surface to the nearest needed microne
.: LOWERS the costs of performed works
.: DOES NOT produce the environmental harmful contaminations

Eco and health friendly

Nowadays it is getting more and more important to protect the natural environment and health of the employees.
SpongeJet is a perfect method for cleaning surfaces, without harming those two important areas
.: does not cause injuries, whic are very common while using popular methods i.e. sand blasting
.: used abradant doesn't need to be utilised and doesn't contaminate the soil nor water in the nearest area
.: SpongeJet Media can be recycled and used many times

Examples of usage

Below you can find some examples of the areas where SpongeJet may be used:
.: Space and aeronautical industry
.: Maintenance of bridges
.: Removing the effects of fire
.: Maintenance of the monuments
.: Leaden paints removal
.: Harbours, shipyards, offshore
.: Mold effects removal
.: Radioactive leaks effects removal
.: Petrochemical Industry
.: Power plants
.: Paper mills
.: Purification plants

Sponge-Jet System, Presentation

Sponge-Jet System, Ask about details ...

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Building plots by the sea.
FOR SALE - Without brokers!

We are able to cooperate with global or national real estate agents with well known reputability. Preparation and translation of agreed contents and forms, agency agreements, brokerage. In special cases we do not rule out the option of exclusivity agreement or constant cooperation in selling ours and assigned to us, properties.

    Local attractions and facilities:
  • Perfect view on the sea, beach and Bay of Gdańsk, Hel's Peninsula, Jastarnia, Chałupy.
  • Surrounded by the beach and forests. Mechelińskie Łąki - nature reserve - just behind the fence, first line of the buildings should start from the sea side - no changing options.
  • Winsurfing and kitesurfing courses in nearby Rewa. Perfect conditions for sailing!
  • Medias: Electricity, Gas, Sewage System adjoined to the plots.
  • Bus services : Gdynia, Airport, Schools, Ambulatories, Shopping Centres
  • Total area of the plots: 19 097 m2, Minumum sale of the building plot: 1 200m2

Detailed options to be discussed with directly interested sides or their representatives. We are expecting and considering only serious offers. We do not answer to any annonymous persons.
We are paying commission for successful mediations.